marți, 2 martie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 5
Sofia is praying for a miracle.

Wedding preparations are in full swing. Invitations are ready to send. The dress and the veil are also ready. They found a florist. The cake will be home made. The porcelains, candel sticks and the other wedding staff have already arrived and even the guests presents are ready.

But Sofia still feels bad. Her sisters went to talk to her.

- Something wrong, dear? said Stela
- I am the happiest creature in the World, for I have received an offer of marriage from Mr. Michael Green. It is the first I have ever had, and I hardly know how to value it enough. (Sofia)
- I am not going to force you, Child, but we can't let such an opportunity escape of settling one of my siters so advantageously. (Stela)
- I can't marry a 1/12 scale doll. (Sofia)
- Oh, dear, scale is not important in marrige.(Stela)
- But love is, replied Sofia
- Sofia, you are so young. Love passes through the stomach. But a good financial situation is what you need for a long and happy marriage. (Stela)
Please make yourself pretty and come down to tea. The guests can arrive at any time.

Sofia is praying for a miracle.

(to be continued)

4 comentarii:

  1. Oh, I love a good soap opera... and this is tops! Beautiful little furniture.

  2. Thank you! Carol( came with the idea. She sent me some guys to trouble my dolls life :). But they are happy that something happens in their boring life.

  3. Oh so funny. Does scale matter in real life? Oh you got me laughing. Your dolls are so beautiful. They best find some handsome men.

  4. Thanks! It's hard to answer the question that is bothering us for centuries :)