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Get back to work, stop bloggin'!

I started work in April so I'll spend less time on blogs and Flickr. :)

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miercuri, 31 martie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 7
Wedding day (part 1)

(I will soon continue with reception.)

marți, 16 martie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 6
Tea time

The sisters invite guests to tea.
"Ladies, your most obedient", said Michael. "We paid our Compliments!"
"Fine weather, Ladies."

Discussions are in full swing and no one noticed the missing Camille and Jim.

one week before the wedding

Stela, Sofia's sister enter in the room. After her face something has happened. She tells her that her cousin Camille became pregnant with Jim. This means that her wedding is cancelled.

Now that Camille is pregnant they have to make a wedding for her and Jim quickly so that the people from the village can't notice this.

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Mother’s Day - march 8th

Multumesc mama ca imi iei toate pachetele de la posta. La multi ani! :)

The 1st of March is the official beginning of Spring. In Romania it is also a traditional holiday named Martisorul (a kind of trinket, or amulet). The tradition is to give to your loved ones small presents tied with a string made of white and red. Red is considered to be the color of Spring, while white is the color of Winter. So, Martisorul is the passage from Winter to Spring, but also a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

Snowdrops are considered to be the flowers of spring, the first flowers of the year.

Martisorul, the 1st day of March is a small holiday precursory to Mother’s Day that is celebrated on March the 8th in Romania. Actually is Women's Day. So best wishes to all Ladies!!

I want to thank my mom because she takes all my packages from the post office.

marți, 2 martie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 5
Sofia is praying for a miracle.

Wedding preparations are in full swing. Invitations are ready to send. The dress and the veil are also ready. They found a florist. The cake will be home made. The porcelains, candel sticks and the other wedding staff have already arrived and even the guests presents are ready.

But Sofia still feels bad. Her sisters went to talk to her.

- Something wrong, dear? said Stela
- I am the happiest creature in the World, for I have received an offer of marriage from Mr. Michael Green. It is the first I have ever had, and I hardly know how to value it enough. (Sofia)
- I am not going to force you, Child, but we can't let such an opportunity escape of settling one of my siters so advantageously. (Stela)
- I can't marry a 1/12 scale doll. (Sofia)
- Oh, dear, scale is not important in marrige.(Stela)
- But love is, replied Sofia
- Sofia, you are so young. Love passes through the stomach. But a good financial situation is what you need for a long and happy marriage. (Stela)
Please make yourself pretty and come down to tea. The guests can arrive at any time.

Sofia is praying for a miracle.

(to be continued)

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Wedding cake

The wedding cake is hand made by Laura. Her website is

Tortul de nunta mi l-a facut Laura din Timisoara. Pe situl ei gasiti diferite bijuterii - cercei, brose, bratari, medalioane, coliere, inele - martisoare, cadouri, obiecte decorative. La cererea clientului, lucreaza si pe pe baza de comanda modele unicat, personalizate.

Sunshine award

Carol - - honored me with Sunshine Award.

The Sunshine Award Rules are:

1. Post the award on my own blog.
2. In a blog post, name six blogs that I enjoy.
3. Let your six named bloggers know that you are passing the award on to them.

I like Carol's nominees blogs -
The Shopping Sherpa,

but here are some that I also find enjoyable: - sonia - redrickshaw - laura

joi, 25 februarie 2010

Vintage furniture

Inspired by other people's collection, I bought my first vintage furniture sets.
A vintage german 70´s Bodo Hennig Kitchen. I love it because reminds me so much of my childhood. My mom had a kitchen cabinet similar to this, blue and white and with same shape red handles.

- and a vintage Carolines Home sofa set, 16th scale

Now that I discovered vintage furniture hope to recreate my childhood universe in miniature.

joi, 18 februarie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 4
Groom's arrival

Michael and his friends have arrived.

They get lost and asked for help a nice lady.

Searching on map for the address, found that they go in the same place. She is Camilla, the maid of honor.

Sofia welcomes them with bread and salt after a Romanian custom. She is wearing a romanian national costume, that her grandmother made for her.

They were all concerned to know each other, when they noticed that Sofia feels sick and and fell on the floor. "The costume is too tight", said the sisters

(to be continued)

miercuri, 10 februarie 2010

Thank you, Carol!

Thank you, Carol, for the three bachelors and for the tiny and sweet baby carriage. As you can see, the guys begin to integrate here. Now I have a groom for my bride. The is only the preview, the big wedding will be only in march. I'm working now to a wedding hall.:)

marți, 9 februarie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 3
New vocation

Sofia is so excited. Her life is totally changed. She needs some pretty dresses, but can't go to Paris to shop. She remembers hearing her father was tailor. So she dediced to go in the attic to find her father things. She was surprised to find there a lot of fine fabrics - lace, velvet, silk- a sewing machine and some patterns.

Her father was a faimous tailor. He was making dresses to the most richest and elegant ladys from Paris. He also worked for the Paris Theater and Opera wardrobe. She began to remember so many beautiful things of her childhood - all those elegant ladies that came in their home. Sometimes her father took her with him to the theatre and she was admiring, from a corner, the stylish outfits and the beautifull dresses. And, look, she found her mother's wedding dress. So beautifull.

Sofia has taken all these things and started to work on a new dress.

luni, 8 februarie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 2
The choise

Sofia is in love by Jim, a handsome and nice young man. But her sisters have clearly said no. She needs a man to financial support and to offer her a life without worries. A man with a stable financial situation and with good reputation. So they have remembered her the beautiful life in Paris. She want to see Paris again more than everything. So in this material world, from the fear of any woman not to remain poor, she made the choice.

His name is Mr. Michael Green. He is the son of Charles and Cordelia Green. He comes from a wealthy and respectable family.
(please go to Carol's blog to read the story)

Now he is comming in her country and she began preparations to receive him properly, after this long and exhausting journey. His best friend Jim Smith, also a bachelor, offered to accompany him. He will be the best man. I think he was also charmed by the beauty of the girls.

She will also write to her cousin Lady Camille from England and ask her to be maid of honor. It's a special bound between Sofia and Camille, because they grew up together.