luni, 8 februarie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 2
The choise

Sofia is in love by Jim, a handsome and nice young man. But her sisters have clearly said no. She needs a man to financial support and to offer her a life without worries. A man with a stable financial situation and with good reputation. So they have remembered her the beautiful life in Paris. She want to see Paris again more than everything. So in this material world, from the fear of any woman not to remain poor, she made the choice.

His name is Mr. Michael Green. He is the son of Charles and Cordelia Green. He comes from a wealthy and respectable family.
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Now he is comming in her country and she began preparations to receive him properly, after this long and exhausting journey. His best friend Jim Smith, also a bachelor, offered to accompany him. He will be the best man. I think he was also charmed by the beauty of the girls.

She will also write to her cousin Lady Camille from England and ask her to be maid of honor. It's a special bound between Sofia and Camille, because they grew up together.

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