joi, 18 februarie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 4
Groom's arrival

Michael and his friends have arrived.

They get lost and asked for help a nice lady.

Searching on map for the address, found that they go in the same place. She is Camilla, the maid of honor.

Sofia welcomes them with bread and salt after a Romanian custom. She is wearing a romanian national costume, that her grandmother made for her.

They were all concerned to know each other, when they noticed that Sofia feels sick and and fell on the floor. "The costume is too tight", said the sisters

(to be continued)

4 comentarii:

  1. Thank heavens they ran into the maid of honor! The bride is very beautiful. Maybe she dropped with fright at the sight ofthe groom??? :) C

  2. Sofia's national costume is beautiful, I hope she will recover soon!

  3. thanks again. maybe she only pretends that she's sick:)