marți, 9 februarie 2010

Three Sisters

Chapter 3
New vocation

Sofia is so excited. Her life is totally changed. She needs some pretty dresses, but can't go to Paris to shop. She remembers hearing her father was tailor. So she dediced to go in the attic to find her father things. She was surprised to find there a lot of fine fabrics - lace, velvet, silk- a sewing machine and some patterns.

Her father was a faimous tailor. He was making dresses to the most richest and elegant ladys from Paris. He also worked for the Paris Theater and Opera wardrobe. She began to remember so many beautiful things of her childhood - all those elegant ladies that came in their home. Sometimes her father took her with him to the theatre and she was admiring, from a corner, the stylish outfits and the beautifull dresses. And, look, she found her mother's wedding dress. So beautifull.

Sofia has taken all these things and started to work on a new dress.

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